Set Current Location on Garmin Nuvi

It is useful to use a GPS system if you are travelling to another city, state or country or just while driving. For a frequent traveller, Garmin has introduced a new GPS series ‘Garmin Nuvi’. Doesn’t matter whether you are bad with the directions or places, this is helpful in tracking your way. In this blog, you will read about the basic step of how to set the location on navigation tool.

Follow the below instructions:

  1. a. On the top of the left, slide the switch for turning the device on. Wait till the system loads and tap on ‘Agree’ when the warning message is displayed (Avoid using Garmin Nuvi while driving).
  2. b. From the menu screen, tap on the ‘View +Map’ option and wait till the device fetches your current whereabouts. This will take some time, depending upon your location. Try to move outdoors or in the open area if you receive a message of device is unable to find the satellites.
  3. c. Press the blue arrow for marking your present location once the device gets connected to the satellite. This blue arrow on the device is a default setting. Press the button which you have set as your vehicle marker if you have changed your vehicle.
  4. d. A pop screen will appear which will display current coordinates and will ask you ‘Do you want to save this location as your Favorite?’ Tap on ‘Yes’ option and then you can feed whatever you want to name your favourite place.
  5. e. Tap on Menu> Where To> Favorites. You will see the location you entered and can easily navigate from the spot quickly and easily.

With the help of above directions you can easily set the current location on your navigation device.

You can also take help from the experts who will guide you through the process. You can reach them by dialing Garmin Technical Support Number Australia 1800870079 and talk to them directly. You can discuss all the troubles you are facing with your navigation device. You can also drop an email stating your issue and our team will get back to you with a solution.

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