How to Troubleshooting Garmin GPS?

It is quite common when your Garmin GPS get locked. The screen keeps prompting you for entering a passcode before tool restarts. This is because the tool prevents anyone who has stolen your GPS device and looking for your details such as your residential address. But other times the tool get locked accidentally. And the only method of getting a passcode for the device is by contacting the Garmin and they will verify whether you are original owner or not. Afterwards, the team will give you a code which will unlock the navigation device.

You can also get in touch with the experts by dialing Garmin Customer Support Number Australia 1-800-870-079 who can help in retrieving a passcode for you.

Follow the below methods for fixing the Garmin GPS:

  1. Lost Satellite Reception: The tool stops giving real-time driving updates If your GPS loses connection with the satellites which helps in detailing you about the location. There are several reasons for lost connection. These issues generally arise in hilly areas or tunnel but once you re-enter the network zone, the navigation device will connect with satellite again.
  2. Removed Maps: It is easy to restore the deleted maps on your navigation device. You only need to register an account and log in to your Garmin web page. From the available options available at the screen, choose ‘Manage Maps and Downloads’. Tap on the icon which is registered for your navigation tool. Select ‘Details’ and then ‘Download Again’ option. Connect your GPS to your computer system. The original maps will be restored and will update the ones which are already downloaded.
  3. Power Trouble: Make sure power cable is attached correctly to cradle or mount as well as DC power source if the device is not charging or unable to turn on. Also, check GPS tool is properly seated on cradle along with power port connected to power adapter.

These are the basic steps for fixing the unresponsive navigation tool.

You can also reach for the technical help by contacting Garmin Support Australia at 1-800-870-079 and the team will help you with the process. You can also get in touch with us via dropping an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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