How to Uninstall Garmin Express

Do not want to continue with the Garmin GPS? Go through the below blog to understand the process of uninstallation if you want to uninstall the navigator’s Express version from computer system.

You can also contact the team of experts if you need any help or guidance. Our experts will help you in fixing the issue instantly. Reach them by dialing our helpline number 1800-870-079 and discuss the concern with team.

Follow the below steps for your computer’s operating system:

Uninstalling In Windows Vista (SP2) and newer:

1. Hold the Windows Key and R on the keyboard simultaneously.

2. Go to ‘Control Panel’.

3. Tap on ‘OK’.

4. Go to the ‘Programs’ and click ‘Uninstall a Program’. (Go to Programs and Features, if this option is not available)

5. From the list right-click on the ‘Garmin Express’.

6. Tap on ‘Uninstall’ option.

7. On New window, tap on the ‘Uninstall’.

Uninstall in Mac OS X:

1. On the top of the screen, from menu bar click on the black color triangle icon.

2. Tap on ‘Quit’.

3. Click on the ‘Don’t Run in Background’ option.

4. Tap on the ‘Search’ field available on the dock.

5. From there, tap on the ‘Go’ icon from the Apple menu bar.

6. Tap on ‘Applications’ option.

7. Select and then drag the ‘Garmin Express’ into the Trash folder.

8. Tap on the ‘Go’ option from the Apple menu bar available on the upper-left corner.

9. Select the ‘Go to folder’ option.

10. Type ‘~/Library’ in the field.

11. Now, click on the ‘Go’ button.

12. Now, access the ‘Preferences folder’ and drag the files with name “com.garmin.renu” into the Trash folder.

13. Click on the ‘Back’ and then access the ‘Application Support’ folder.

14. Open the ‘Garmin’ folder and drag the ‘Express’ folder right towards the Trash folder.

15. Click ‘Back’ twice and access the ‘Cache’ folder.

16. Select and drag the ‘com.garmin.renu.client’ and ‘com.garmin.renu.service’ files to the Trash.

17. Empty the Trash bin.

For any assistance or details, get in touch with the experts who are experienced in fixing technical issues instantly. You can reach them by dialing Garmin Toll-free number 1800-870-079. Reach us anytime as we are available at your service round the clock.

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