What Does Symbols for the Garmin Nuvi Mean?

Garmin Nuvi has been designed for navigation, exclusively for cars. It utilises the GPS satellite signals for finding the location as well as route according to the destination. You will see a color touch screen with soft key controls and every button has an image and several uses word for identifying the key.

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Large Menu Icons

You will see two large icons on main menu. ‘Where To’ icon means the destination you are heading to and also has a picture of big magnifying glasses. Also, ‘View Map’ icon is utilised to see map of the current location and it has an icon of map. Also, there are three different icons available at the bottom of the screen.

Small menu Icons

The main menu has 3 to 5 small icons available at the bottom of the device’s screen. The image of the telephone receiver describes the phone call linked to the nuvi model.  The volume icon resembles sideways triangle with 3 semi-circular lines. While toolbox icon is either looks like wrench or depends on the model and links to the setting menu.

Other Icons

While spinning arrow is used for going back to previous screen. Click on the image of the car driving shown on map to locate you current area details.

Where To Icons

For setting the destinations, you can use ‘Where To’. The ‘Address’ picture depicts for locating the address and has magnifying glass with envelope. The ‘Go Home’ is used to route you to home. While ‘Recently found’ icon is used for determining the locations you have recently looked for.

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