How to Troubleshoot Garmin GPS

Imagine you are on your way and suddenly your Garmin GPS won’t turn on. There could be several reasons behind this technical glitch. Despite several repeated attempts, Garmin GPS refuses to turn on. In such situation, you can look for the technical help from experts of Garmin Support Australia at 1800-870-079.

Follow the below directions for turning the navigation device on or troubleshoot Garmin Gps.

  1. Press and hold down the power button: On the front side of the tool, press the power button and hold it for some seconds. Apply the pressure and remove your finger from the button once the device is on.
  2. Dead or depleted batteries: The other reason could be the depleted batteries which are due to either Garmin V tool has not been used recently or left on for long. Just ensure that you have plugged in the device into the wall outlet or computer system and then try to use the tool. The device must recognize that it has been plugged into the power source and begin to charge. If the device doesn’t charge or couldn’t retain the charging for long then replace the dead batteries.
  3. Bad or loose SD card: Try to remove the micro SD card before turning the device on.
  4. Bad Display: This is the other reason because of which the navigation tool appeared to be off. Turn on the device by pressing the power button and try to listen for any activity within the unit. If you are able to hear the familiar sound from the unit such as vibration or tone, then it is a signal of broken display and needs to be replaced immediately.
  5. Bad Logic Board: One of the reasons why Garmin V is not responding to the wall outlet or computer system is due to bad logic. You need to replace the board.

With the above instructions, you can turn on the GPS tool easily.

You can also contact the team of technicians by dialing Garmin Support Phone Number 1800-870-079 and they will assist you with the recovery process. You can discuss other issues with the team and accordingly they will guide you through the appropriate solution.

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